You know when you’re eating a slice of cake and whomp whomp,you end up with either all frosting or all cake? Not so with this sweet innovation from The Baker’s Jar: both components are layered several times for the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio.

Philadelphia Style


Key Ingredient

"Polishing off a box of cookies in one sitting is all too easy. The Baker’s Jar has a serving size you can handle. True to its name, the new bakery nestles all its confections inside glass jars. The container makes any sweet treat as portable as a cupcake but ten times more satisfying. If the tres leches calls your name before you’re outside, plop down on a stool by the window and tempt passersby as you shovel it in. Avery Goldman counts on the old-fashioned magic of butter and sugar and takes rainbow sprinkles over chia seeds any day. She masters the ratio of fillings and toppings in everything from banana cake to lemon pie. When a larger appetite strikes, order anything on the menu in full size. That’s huge."


Philly Chitchat

"The Baker’s Jar opened its doors in early 2014 with the goal of
putting a new spin on classic desserts with uncompromising attention to
taste and presentation.  Our priorities at the Baker’s Jar are
straightforward: simplicity, sweetness and just the right amount of

Each one of our scrumptious cakes, pies, and puddings is
perfectly portioned and elegantly packaged in its very own Mason jar.
 The result, a menu full of carefully considered, beautifully baked
treats, whose exposed layers leave your mouth watering and your mind
stumped as to which flavor to choose (our advice: all of them)."


EATER Philadelphia

"Cakes in jars might be out of the ordinary, but there isn't a more beautiful table than one filled with jars exposing layers and layers of cakey goodness. Regardless of how pretty they look, it's a perfect way to up your dessert game, because ten different cakes is always better than one."



 "Portion control is a given at this South 16th Street boutique bakery where owner Avery Goldman serves her just-decadent-enough cakes, pies and puddings in mini- and standard-size mason jars. Flavors like Dulce De Leche brownies, Ooey Gooey chocolate cake and blueberry-topped lemon pie play on the classics, matching the charming vibe of the hand-stenciled wood counter and cubbyhole wall display."


Phil My Tummy

"The Baker’s Jar happily provides treats to all customers, from walk-ins to cross-country catering. Stop in for a cup of La Columbe Coffee while you enjoy the Apple Crumb cake, made with local apples, from 3 Springs Farm, and homemade caramel sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, and baked with a crumb topping. Or try the Pumpkin Cake – lightly spiced pumpkin cake topped with a cream cheese frosting. We loved sampling the Gingerbread Cake, topped with peppermint whipped buttercream icing it is the perfect holiday dessert.  For all our chocolate lovers, we’d recommend the Dulce De Leche Brownie which is a rich fudge brownie layered with smooth dulce de leche. "


Philadelphia Mag

"Serve Delicious Desserts in Mason Jars at Your Bridal Shower or Wedding from the Baker’s Jar in Philly

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sitting here totally drooling over my computer screen as I scroll through the adorably indulgent desserts at Graduate Hospital’s newest sweet spot, The Baker’s Jar."