Here at the Bakers Jar, we get a lot of great questions.

Before you reach out with questions, take a quick look at this page!



How long do the jars last?- They will last a few days, but each jar has a different shelf life. Most jars will last up to 5 days. Please see the descriptions of each jar for refrigeration requirements. 

Will the jars last longer if they are refrigerated? Yes, if you keep them chilled they should last about 7-10 days.

Can you freeze the jars? Yes, the jars can be frozen.

How much are custom labels? There is a $15 flat rate fee for custom artwork and $0.50 per label for each jar.

Do all of the jars come in full sized cakes? Tres Leche does not come in fully sized cake. The Dulce de Leche Brownies comes in ONLY the mini jar size.

Do you make custom cakes? Yes, we are happy to bake customized cakes for birthday or celebrations. We do not make cakes with characters, or unique shapes. We do not specialize in fondants or any other extravagant designs. We are proud to create beautiful and classic cakes with light lettering/balloons for birthdays. 

Do you ship? It’s depends on season and location, please reach out to discuss further. It is tough to ship during summer months, because of the heat the jars will go through before reaching their destination. We can hand deliver larger orders. Please reach out for specific questions regarding shipping/ delivery. 

- If you have a recurring corporate order we will offer discounts. We do not offer discounts for one time large orders. We are happy and excited to build relationships with businesses, but we can't afford to cut costs for orders like weddings or birthday parties. 

Do you deliver? Yes! We can deliver locally to the Philadelphia area. Larger orders can be delivered outside of Philly. There is a $100 minimum to deliver outside of Philly/ the main line. 

Do you wholesale? We offer wholesale options for coffee shops or other larger establishments who resell the products.